In_app_purchase and version log when using @capacitor-community/firebase-analytics


i`m using @capacitor-community/firebase-analytics to include Google Analytics 4 in my iOs/Android/WebApp project with Capacitor 5, Ionic 6, Angular 12 project.

There are some things, which are logged to analytics without specifying this explicitly in my app code. Those are:

  • in_app_purchase
  • App versions of iOs and Android app version

How is this done, and how can I configure what is done there? Is this done by the SDK? Are there more things, which are logged automatically? Which docs should I use to understand this.

Since updating Capacitor / firebase-analytics to version 5, the iOs app version is not shown in analytics anymore. But iOs events are logged. Has something been changed in the iOs sdk there? Do I have to migrate something?

Thank you for helping me out!