In App purchase 2 plugin issue, product price is showing null for android.(On IOS it working perfectly fine)

Hi ,

I have implemented In App Purchase 2 plugin for my ionic 3 app. This plugin is working fine on IOS but on Android device, when app loads product price is showing null but id and alias showing correct.
When app registers product, plugin shows correct values of Products in Logs

Got sku details: SkuDetails:{“productId”:“com.bvdseven.meditations.month”,“type”:“subs”,“price”:“₹ 890.00”,“price_amount_micros”:890000000,“price_currency_code”:“INR”,“subscriptionPeriod”:“P1M”,“title”:“Premium Meditations (Meditation Calm App)”,“description”:“Get all premium meditations.”}

But when I load the products using code, getting product price is coming null as mentioned below:

“id”: “com.bvdseven.meditations.month”, “alias”: “com.bvdseven.meditations.month”,“type”: “paid subscription”,“state”: “registered”, “title”: “Monthly”, “description”: “Get premium”,“priceMicros”: null,“price”: null,“currency”: null,“loaded”: false,“canPurchase”: false,“owned”: false,“downloading”: false,“downloaded”: false,“additionalData”: “/Month”,“transaction”: null

Someone please can help me. Thanks in advance

Hi Smonga,
Did you find a solution to this? I’m facing the same issue.


Anyone? I still have the same issue :frowning:

Following up on this thread: