In a modal open another modal

In my app,need in a modal(name ‘a’) open anther model(name ‘b’),I can close current modal(name b),but i can’t get $scope of model ‘a’.
My english is pool,do you see?

Can you setup a CodePen or Plunkr sample of that. We can try to help if there is something to work with.

Thanks,I fixed! I try set modal a to a variable _app.modal
$scope.modal.hide();//current modal b
_app.modal.closeButtons[0].tap(); //modal a.This modal hide can’t,but call button tap can close this modal
if (data) {
for (var i = 0; i < _app.orderList.length; i++) {
if (_app.orderList[i][‘orderId’] == data.orderId) {
_app.orderList[i] = data;

i have currently the same issue. can you please explain or send me a code pen how you did it with the modal in a modal? would be very much appreciated.

many thanks

wait a moment,I’ll write demo.

thx for the demo. perfect

Thank you so much :x