Improve Android Performance

Hi All,
If you use Ionic heavily you will know that it is excellent on IOS. Scrolling, smoothness and just everything is buttery on IOS. But on Android even on Lollipop the latest version, it still does not come close to IOS. This is even much more bizzare considering by architecrual provisions, android devices have much more hardware juice.

I know Ionic are working on this but I thought i start this so the community can also provide great ways for this. Please I know some of you will bring crosswalk into the mix. Lets be clear crosswalk solves some issues but does not solve the proble, crosswalks main advantage is that it brings a common tooling across the fragmented android space thanks to its webview.

What can we do to improve general android perf? Go crazy with opinions too.

It’s been mentioned before that drop shadows kill performance on Android, so a good start would be to eliminate any drop shadows if being used for the Android platform.

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Yes this is a good one I always tell people. But the problem is these are optimisations. We should try to look deeper into why the problem exists in the first place.

Is there any easy way to remove/override box-shadow on an android project ? Besides overriding it on the CSS “individually”

I dont know but it can be achieved easily by overwriting the SASS, however Ionic styles don’t use a lot of these box shadows. they have some of the bst written CSS . A

That was the solution I got to but that think it’s that maintainable…

I was thinking of something like:


But there might be an easier way to do that for all the box-shadows