Import a bower component to Ionic


I’m new to Ionic. I had successful installing and using npm 3th party libraries. Now I need to graph some gauges and is perfect for my project. My problem is that library use bower and I don’t know how to import this (or convert) to Ionic 3 ( My version is 3.6.0).
After installing using bower install ngRadialGauge, a new folder is created called bower_components, but I’m wondering how to import it to my project. I found a possible solution using script tag on my html but I’m not sure if that is the “correct” way, and I didn’t try it yet.

Any help?

Thank you.

From the project repo:

This radial gauge builded using D3.js JavaScript library is designed for Angular.js framework.

Unfortunately Ionic uses Angular, not AngularJS.


Thanks for the clarification. I have another option that fit with my requirements but is JavaScript:

Can be these imported following this threat?

Thanks in advance.

That gauge.js has tons of open old bugs, several of which pertain to (virtually complete lack of interest in) Angular support. I would steer clear.

ok, I found another gauges option: And till now it is working fine.

Thanks for the comments.

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