Implementing a typeahead style autocompleter in Ionic

I am looking to implement a ‘typeahead’ style completer in my Ionic form.

Note - I don’t want a drop down or any selection list - all I want is when my user starts typing some text, that the app helpfully suggests the first valid option that fits the initial letters. For example, when typing in the name of a composer:

When the user types ‘B’, the field will show: B[ach], with the [ach] highlighted so it will be deleted on the next keystroke.

When the user types ‘Ba’, they still get: Ba[ch]

When they type ‘Bar’, they get: Bar[rios]

When they type ‘Bart’, they get: Bart[ok]


This seems to be a common thing on desktop browsers using jQuery etc., but I cannot seem to find the same functionality on mobile browsers?