Implement swipe back/drag back gesture with transition

I have the following code:


<ion-view view-title="Personal Information">
  <ion-nav-buttons side="left">
    <button class="button button-icon icon  ion-ios-arrow-left" ng-click="doTheBack()" nav-direction="back"></button>
  <ion-content class="padding" on-swipe-right="swipe('right')">
    <div class="list card">
      <div class="item item-divider">Recent Updates</div>
      <div class="item item-body">
          There is a fire in <b>sector 3</b>

and my controller

.controller('PersonalInfoCtrl', function($scope,$ionicNavBarDelegate) {

$scope.swipe = function (direction) {
             if(direction == 'right') 

  $scope.doTheBack = function() {

The code above works but I want to be able to swipe back with a nice transition just like the native iOS transition. I have read that this feature comes by default with the framework but somehow it doesn’t work for my app.