Implement heads-up notification

Have successfully used cordova dialogs for push notifications so far, but interested in implementing the heads-up notification introduced in Android 5.0 - can anyone point me to a relevant library?

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Have you done a google search yet for it? I found a few relevant results but I’m not an android specific programmer so I’m not sure which you might be looking for. I searched “Cordova android heads up notification”.

Yup, searched google for an existing push notification plugin with heads-up-notification but couldn’t find it so extended the PushPlugin ( instead to have it in my application.

Any update on this? In Android, if the app is in the background, the notification appears but does not display any sort of heads up display/banner and stays in the notification drawer. So there is no visual way of telling the user that the notification has arrived. Works fine on iOS though. Maybe there’s a setting that I’m missing?

Running: Android Lollipop MiUi ROM (but same results on a Nexus 6 as well)

I wonder if there is any progress on this ?

you can use fcm-plugin headup updated version from here