Img[src] URL dont change the view

Hi. Im trying to change the src attribute of a img element with a standard binding:

<img [src]="icon" (click)="toggleAudio()" width="75px">

I use this view through three diferents routes, but when i come there from the QRScanner page, and click the button, the bind dont work and the button always show the play icon… When i come from another view the button works fine and change the icon always i click it.

here its the toggle function:

public toggleAudio(){    
    if (!this.playing) {;
      this.icon = "assets/imgs/icons/pause-circle.svg";
      this.playing = true;      		
    } else {      
      this.playing = false;
      this.icon = "assets/imgs/icons/play-circle.svg";      

thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

PD: If its necessary i would put more code here for better comprehension