Images show on offline mode

How can be server images stored in ionic app, if internet is not working all images which comes from server shows and working on offline mode?

You could use local storage and the pictures should be base64.

Question, is local storage a cordova plugin?

Thanks for your reply…cherry

But my problem is, i’m using cordova sqlite storage because I’ve large amount of amount of data

Question is about sqlite storage plugin …zacbe

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The question is how much data do you want to save just one page you are viewing ? Because what you could do is that you save the data temporary into the cache and after you left the page you could erase that cache.

Else what you could do you let the app save up to “3 page” sessions and after you are viewing the 4th page the first page you visited is going to be erased so you dont have to much space wasted. I don’t know what you need it for with the pages is just a gues from me for what you going to use it. :penguin:

@zacbe local storage is already implemented, native storage is a cordova plugin.

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