ImagePicker does not working in emulator

I use ionic2 and want to use cordova-plugin-image-picker, but it not worked when I test my app in emulator (with command ‘ionic emulate android’). Application closes with error “Unfortunatly, app has stopped” when I call Image Picker. Although, app works when I install my app directly on device. Is there any limitations on cordova plugins in emulators?
I tested on blank application, followed instructions from
Here is a code to call image picker:

  selectImages() {
    var options = {
      maximumImagesCount: 10,
      width: 800,
      height: 800,
      quality: 80
    ImagePicker.getPictures(options).then((results) => {
      for (var i = 0; i < results.length; i++) {
        console.log('Image URI: ' + results[i]);
    }, (err) => {

hey u got solution to your problem if yes then ping me please on