Image sharing issue with Ionic social share plugin

I’m trying to send image directly to a Whatsapp number using shareViaWhatsAppToReceiver method in ‘Ionic social share’ plugin.But text only set into a receiver’s chat screen and image eliminated.

However image sending working if I use shareViaWhatsApp method where is no option to set receiver. Is there any issue with ionic plugin or I need to send image in any other format? I tried to send from asset and also tried encodeURIComponent from url.

This is working

this.socialSharing.shareViaWhatsApp('Hello', shareImage);

This ignores image
const number = '+9198765XXXXX'; this.socialSharing.shareViaWhatsAppToReceiver(number, 'Hello, this.shareImage);

Note: I create image from html and sending it as base64 string.