Image Lazy loading stuck


I know there has been lots of topics on that matter, but none with that problem.

I have successfully implemented the directive ion-image-lazy-load (, however the spinning keeps going until I go to another view and come back to find my images displayed.

Could someone help me please?

Here is the html:

<img image-lazy-src="img/myimage.png" image-lazy-loader="android" image-lazy-distance-from-bottom-to-load="100">

I have a same problem if you find any solution please let me know

Can you try to use the resize() function after loading your image ?


Thanks for your suggestion.

I went back to the documentation at:

And by adding lazy-scroll to my ion content:

<ion-content lazy-scroll>

It is now working perfectly!

We can even add the resize function automatically by adding lazy-scroll-resize=“true”:

<img image-lazy-src="{{item.thumbnail}}" lazy-scroll-resize="true">


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