Image in title view


I need to put an image on each title different views, I tried this but does not work.

<script id="home.html" type="text/ng-template">
  <ion-view title="{{title}}">
    <ion-content padding="true">
      <p>Pagina principal</p>

.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope, $ionicSideMenuDelegate) {
$scope.title = '<img class="logo" src="img/FotoPerfil.jpg"/>';

$scope.toggleLeft = function() {

It can be done somehow?


Keep in mind you are mixing double quotes, single quotes and another time double quotes.
$scope.title contains " (double quotes)
But also in your ion-view you are putting your variable in double quotes.


<ion-view title='{{title}}'>

should work.


I try but does not work :confused:


could you inspect your dom-node, what is set in the title?

  <ion-view title='{{title}}'>
    <ion-content padding="true">
      <p>Pagina principal</p>

It also shows the inspection


Might it possible, that you put the img-tag directly in your template between title=’’ for testing?

Thank you!

And if that do not work, make a codepen please and i will look into it.



Works !, replace “” and gave a style to the image !! Thanks, I would ask you a question, Is it possible to handle a back button in footer?


If you want to do it easy and simple -> put a button in the footer add a ng-click and call a scope function that makes $window.history.back();

If your want to use ionic back functionality use the undocumented $ionicViewService:

var backView = $ionicViewService.getBackView();


Hey guys, a little late to the party, but here’s an example

As far as handling the back button in the footer, I’d avoid doing this. Not really good UX


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Yeah you are right, the user wants a “native” like feeling and in most cases the back button is places in the upper left corner.



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