Image gallery swipe

how to swipe image gallery in different me guys


Can you please let me know what you have tried for an image gallery?

slidebox would be good idea on ionic

@Cmaden: I treid slidebox for image gallery, but I need for images of different height and width. Is that possible?

I guess @mahesh1213 also would need it.

sir iam looking like flipkart image slider sir . in a box we see 3 images and when we swipe next 3 image will come sir.

its possible you have to call $ionicScrollDelegate.resize(); to resize when swiped

check this codepen below

The CodePen does not have slider. Could you please check it? Or Is it only for me?

go in edit on codepen some how when embedded it doesn’t show

It works great. Thanks.

Sorry @mahesh1213 for hijacking your thread. Hope this helps you too.

sir in above example it contain 4 images sir and when swipe we will see next 4 images sir

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inside each slide box you can put html and css and display how many and how ever you want to lay out your images.

thanks for reply it’s working.

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@Cmaden: I modified your code pen to put dynamic images from server. In this case, the images are not sliding well. They are overlapping each other. If this works, I would be happy to use ionic slider.

NOTE: The images are of different height and width.

With static images(putting slide contents hard-coded), they work fine.

Below is my code pen. Please note that the images are from remote server and might take some time to load and show up on page.

not sure i have made a view changes but it seems like it has to do with how parse and ng-repeat are putting the images in the slider

I have tested it if u for example resize the screen bigger or smaller the image snap into the correct positions and don’t overlap.

maybe some else who has more experience with parse can enlighten on this issue.

at the moment i don’t know why its behaving like that in the first instance

@mhartington can you help ?