Image doesn't show at android device

hi. I’m meansoup. First, thanks for reading my question.

now, I develop some app for android (might works at ios).

when I push ‘ionic serve’, it works. i can see image. but if I push ‘ionic run android’, it installed on my andorid device, but it doesn’t show image.

i use typescript for showing image (not html).

my code is like that ‘…/…/assets/img/ga.jpg’, and also I do ‘/asset/img/ga.jpg’ but it doesn’t work too.

how can I make It works?

You can run ionic run android --livereload --consolelogs and check if you have any errors.

thanks @philipgriffin

it doesn’t make any errors.and it works!

can you explain what ‘–livereload --consolelogs’ means? and what is different with just ‘ionic run android’?

I think it shows logs. not that? it makes more effect?


Live reload allows you to make changes to your code and when you save your project the updates will be sent to the device without having to re-run the command.

Console logs will enable you to view logging information in the terminal/command prompt as you code.

So with just ionic run android you won’t get live updates as you save your code or visible console logs for debugging.

Make sure to put the images in the right folder:
Read this topic for more info: Where should I put images?

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you said that command makes build right away? ionic run android makes update lately??

sorry and thank for repeated asking.