Image Detection

Hi. I need some help, I want to add an image object detection module in my application. It should detect the object in the image and tell me the name. I want to avoid using Google Vision and others like it, but create my own model and use it in the application. This is possible?

You don’t want to use a Service for that? That i wish you good Luck and fun, analyze the Image and detect what it is showing is a very very hard task, which needs deep learning and much much of data. Also this is not an Ionic Task as this should/can’t not be done in the App, but on a Server. I really advise you to use existing Services.

You can find a keras model to do that in github. Then using some keras js library (i don’t know if something like that exists, otherwise use tensorflow js) load the model and use it recognize objects in a picture. Articulate it with Ionic can be a little tricky but if you research a bit you can do it in no time.
Using neural networks in a device is a resource expensive task so you must use it wisely.