Image cropping for android and IOS?

We’re only missing some polishing elements for our application, and one of them happens to be cropping images before sending them to the server. Currently images are uncropped and completely destroy the layout and design of the application on our users profile pages. Some images taken by beta testers were actually so large the application crashed from shere size. (Yes, you, 40MP camera users)

There’s tons of options laying around, but also tons of complains saying it’s not working or there’s issues. Unfortunately I’m not a JavaScript developer and I’ve only done enough with it to know basic button events and AJAX calls. Fortunately, that’s all our application has needed.

Here’s a list of things I’ve seen:

  • - Complaints about not working on android, installation instructions are limited / cannot be found. There’s no documentation and the read-me is poorly done and non professional. (From a plugin/api standpoint)
  • - Numerous complaints about getting it to work with android/ios to be a major hassle. Seems overcomplicated to use. HTML based crop container makes me question if the crop can be executed on a dataURI via JavaScript
  • - Adding the module causes the application to not start. (White screen) no errors.(Read this is due to a faulty dependency/module)

I am successfully using ngImgCrop on both android and ios

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We are using a fork of the last one.

It includes the aspect ratio functionality. It’s a bit slow in old devices but we haven’t found anything better that works across different platforms & OS versions.


Does not work with the latest version of ionic? Having the same issue as the original repository. Application refuses to load after dependency injection. No errors are displayed. Installation performed correctly (According to docs). Installed using bower as per ReadME (Attempted manual download as-well, same results). Only additional plugin is ngCordova.

We are using it in an Ionic 1.0.0 app, but I think your problem has nothing to do with the ionic version you are using.

Have you tried it in a simple angular web app? It should work the same way.

I ended up writing my own crop tool over the last few hours, and I’ve tested it on the iOS and android devices I have here. Also works in the emulator like a charm. I’ll probably read up on modules and create one for the people having problems. I enjoy maintaining things on github anyhow.

Thanks for your response!

But i have to say i am using ngImgCrop also on android and ios with no problems.

Me too, ngImgCrop works perfectly for me (tested on Android, not yet on iOS). Simple to use and an excellent UI.

I’m using this fork:
because it allows me to have a non-square cropping area (rectangle instead of just a square).