Image browser is run but real device error

Hi all.
This real device output

See the error on the second screenshot - it can’t find your image. Probably using a wrong path.

Thanks but same code browser work.

only file.jpg is true work.Its amazing

Are there special, non-ASCII character in the file names?

Just build a new page and include these three pictures directly in the html and see what happens. Makes debugging much easier.

I’m only changed
its worked.

That means that your file was with this different name, right?
On some platforms capitalization of file names matters, on some it doesn’t.

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BeforeName ------- AfterName
fileoldname ==> fileOldName

Why does your screenshot show all lowercase filenames in the tree view?

I dont know.
For example I’m write console
ionic g page About.this file name is about

That is normal and something totally different.

You said that lovercase filename is assets inside?

Look at the screenshot you posted. There the filenames are lowercase.
You said that NOT having these filenames in your code fixed the problem.
That is strange.

I changed filename after that problem solved