I'm waiting for your ideas

I need 3 pages and they have to be a single form. I do not want to lose them. Pages will be opened when the button is clicked. I’m thinking of making these modal. Is there anyone who can give me an idea?
For example Bootstrap form wizard

Thank you in advance for your answers.

push same page and send input name with paramNav.
its ease , search…

It can not be the same page because the design will be different.

check by use ngIf* to show your element

So the whole design will be on a page. I will hide / show. Is it correct ?

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yes just use
<div *ngIf="any parameter from first step"> content 2</div>
and so on…

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Okay, I’m understand. I will try it. Thanks @ahmadklsany

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you can use counter to show element by counter
if counter ==1 show first step …
onclick counter ++
it ease and without use push and nav

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I’m working on it right now. I will do as you say.