Iframe not allow to open camera for Android devices in ionic v4

Hello everyone,
Since couple of days I have one problem that,I am having iframe in that I am calling page so I have to open device camera so some how I have manage to open camera in iOS device but in case of Android devices I am not able to open camera even I have given permission for opening camera like that.

try to add allow=“camera” in your iframe balise

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How did you declares permissions for android ?

Hi Thanks for reply I will let you know after trying your solution

import { AndroidPermissions } from '@ionic-native/android-permissions/ngx';

constructor(private androidPermissions: AndroidPermissions) { }


  result => console.log('Has permission?',result.hasPermission),
  err => this.androidPermissions.requestPermission(this.androidPermissions.PERMISSION.CAMERA)

this.androidPermissions.requestPermissions([this.androidPermissions.PERMISSION.CAMERA, this.androidPermissions.PERMISSION.GET_ACCOUNTS]);

like that I have given permissions

Hi jclaude after trying your solution still I am not able to open device camera from iframe,is any another solution.

Hi @patillaxman … Did you solve the issue…? If it is then how…? :slight_smile: