Icons from bootstrap-material-icons for Angular 2 aren't shown

My angular 2 application is trying to install bootstrap-material-icons, but the icons aren’t showing up as expected because the module isn’t installed.
I have followed the instructions from this website (as usual), however I have two questions:

  1. To begin with, the bootstrap-CSS material’s folder is in because of the npm installation on my project, which is based on an angular-cli installation, in:
/node modules/bootstrap-material-design-icons/css/material-icons.css

I’ve attempted to adjust the relative link to the CSS to point to the folder where it is located, but nothing has changed.
2) I attempted, in the second instance, to add the CSS in the following manner to the styles object inside of the angular-cli.json file:

"styles": [

However, even this approach fails, and in my opinion (but please correct me if I’m wrong) that’s an approach that cannot succeed because when I build the application, angular-cli will recover the CSS but will leave behind all the other bootstrap material-icons elements that the user will require, such as the font folder where all the glyphs are stored.