Icon/Splashscreen color problems with iOS (done with Illustrator)

Hello folks,

I just started with the app part of a new project (the backend is done already). Now I’m building the app with (you guessed it :slight_smile: ) Ionic. I use “ionic resources” for generating the icons and splashscreens which is an awesome feature!

But when I build the app and run it on my iPhone 6, the colors in the icon and the splashscreen are strange. To exclude that my computer screen shows the colors different than the iPhone, I uploaded the file to my Google Drive. In fact the icon has a darker color than the same image opened in Google Drive.

Did anyone else have this strange issue? Unfortunately I’m no illustrator pro so maybe the issue is situated here. I’m using RGB and the background color is #999999.

Maybe someone has an idea what I’m doing wrong :frowning: ?