Icon animation wobbling problem



I have the following code that is animating an icon while making an $http call.

 <div class="row responsive-sm">
        <div class="col col-33 col-offset-33 center">    
                <i class="ion-looping font-10em" data-animation="true"></i>

This seems to work fine on chrome and on Samsung galaxy S3 / S4 but when I am running this app on Lenevo S650 the animation is showing a line at the right side. I tried to take snapshot of it but couldn’t able to catch it. So I turn on weinre debug and highlight the parent div for better understanding of the issue. Here are the images


Notice small white lines on the right of the loader. Some time it turns black and look terrible. Can someone guide me how to get rid of it ?


Anyone there to help ?


Hey, so a couple questions. What version of ionic are you using, and what version of android is your device? There could be some performance issues that are device specific. Could you put together a codepen too?