iBeaconResult doesn't return array of beacon objects

For an Ionic (4) project I try to scan for iBeacons on an Android device. The sample code I use is the same as described in the documentation, except the UUID and the identifier (I checked those and they look correct).

    data => {
      console.log('didEnterRegion: ', data);

let beaconRegion = this.ibeacon.BeaconRegion('deskBeacon','F7826DA6-ASDF-ASDF-8024-BC5B71E0893E');

    () => console.log('Native layer received the request to monitoring'),
    error => console.error('Native layer failed to begin monitoring: ', error)

It all looks like its working well as it reach the didEnterRegion() with the following data:

eventType: "didEnterRegion"
  identifier: "my_identifier"
  typeName: "BeaconRegion"
  uuid: "my_id"

The only problem is that the return value (IBeaconPluginResult) is not the same as described in the documentation (https://ionicframework.com/docs/v3/native/ibeacon/#IBeaconPluginResult), as its missing the array of beacons.

Also I implemented the didRangeBeaconsInRegion delegate, but it never reaches the callback.

              data => console.log('didRangeBeaconsInRegion: ', data),
              error => console.error()

I also downloaded the Locate Beacon app from the Google Play Store which detects the beacon.

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?

Ok… Looking at it now in the morning and feeling stupid that I used the method “startMonitoringForRegion” instead of startRangingBeaconsInRegion…