I want to send token through HttpClient headers

I want to send token through header how can i do that

   public details(token){
    const httpOptions = {
      headers: new HttpHeaders({
        'Accept':  'application/json',
    return this.http.post('http://mywebsite.ca/helpify/api/details',  httpOptions)

whenever i tired to hit this api its showing 401 Unauthorized
how can i fix it please help me out
Thanks in advance

Like this.
Authorization’:'Bearer '+token

You must check request. from chrome

must look like this http://prntscr.com/lyzmzy

Thanks for your response
yes i tired but showing same problem 401 unauthorized

Actually am using laravel api

public function details(Request $request) 
        $user = Auth::user(); 
        $acceptHeader = $request->header('Accept','Authorization');
        if ($acceptHeader != 'application/json') {
            return response()->json([], 400);
        return response()->json(['success' => $user], $this-> successStatus); 

this is my console


bro, you sent data. not header.

You must fixed Ä°onic Code like this.

http.post(‘http://mywebsite.ca/helpify/api/details’, data, httpOptions)



if you dont want data.


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Thanks for your response please let me try
This is my full code

   public details(token){
    const headers = new Headers();
    headers.append('Content tyepe','application/x-www-form-urlencoded')
    headers.append('Accept', 'application/json' );
    headers.append('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + token); //<-- added space after 'Bearer'
    const options    = new RequestOptions({ headers: headers });
      return this.http.post('http://mydomain.ca/helpify/api/details', options)                   

@feaxer above code right or wrong?

var data = null;

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.withCredentials = true;

xhr.addEventListener("readystatechange", function () {
  if (this.readyState === 4) {

xhr.open("POST", "http://mywebsite.ca/helpify/api/details");
xhr.setRequestHeader("Accept", "application/json");
xhr.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer "+token);
xhr.setRequestHeader("cache-control", "no-cache");
xhr.setRequestHeader("Postman-Token", "f5009fbf-3bc2-4f58-ace0-b767f7a6092c");


this above code is working fine but i i want to do in angular