I want to print json response in html page in ionic.please help me

This is my function

ionViewDidLoad() {
var headers = new Headers();
headers.append(‘Content-Type’, ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’);
let options = new RequestOptions({ headers: headers });

  .subscribe(data => {
    this.data = data
    //let clients = JSON.parse(this.data)
  }, error => {
    //console.log(error);// Error getting the data
    alert("No Internet connection!")

below my html code


this is json response sending from the serveer:-{“GetAllUsers”: [{“user_id”:“1”,“username”:“Faisal Arif",“useremail”:"faisal@flycoders.com”,“userphone”

if you can’t even format your post correctly don’t expect anyone to answer this question

@FnnHuman what i am wrong?.

@FnnHuman Actually i want to print a specific json object. like username.below is my json object sending from the server.
{“GetAllUsers”: [{“user_id”:“1”,“username”:“Faisal Arif",“useremail”:"faisal@flycoders.com”,“userphone”

and this is my app ned code below

 .subscribe((res: Response) => {
            this.mydata = res.json();
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It is very unclear what exactly you’re trying to display in your html, whats is {{post.email}} supposed to be?

I’m going to assume that you want to display the email of one particular user :

(res : Response) => {
  let data = res.json();
  for(let user of data.GetAllUsers){
      this.data = user.useremail;

Your html code to display the email would be {{data}}

Does that answer your question?
If not, please be more specific

@Sachiyo actually i want to display all data into my html page,like username and email.

@Sachiyo {{post.email}} means.

*ngFor=" let post of mydata">

I see.

Well as you said, you json object is

{“GetAllUsers”: [{“user_id”:“1”,“username”:“Faisal Arif",“useremail”:"faisal@flycoders.com”,“userphone”

Your code should be

*ngFor="let post of mydata.GetAllUsers"

This way, post is your user

{“user_id”:“1”,“username”:“Faisal Arif",“useremail”:"faisal@flycoders.com”,“userphone”

and you can use post.useremail
If you want to display the whole json object at once, you should use JSON.stringify(post)

when i use your code showing an error.

Ok.please give a example of code .if possible

actually am new in ionic. that why.am telling for a demo code

Below code is right?

  .subscribe(data => {
   this.mydata = data;

  }, error => {
    alert("No Internet connection!")

Here’s your code

    let dataTemp = res.json(); //dataTemp is the json object you showed me
    this.data = dataTemp.GetAllUsers; //contains a [] object with all yours users

and in your html

*ngFor="let post of data">

@Sachiyo Thank you so much.its working fine.

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