I want to image from another page

in my edit profile page(different page), i can change the profile pic and it should reflect the same in main profile page(another page).these two pages are different.

 <ion-item lines="none">
            <ion-avatar class="ion-align-self-left" id="pic" (click)="change()">

              <img src="{{myphoto}}">
export app{
 myphoto: any;
constructor(private camera: Camera,private statusBar: StatusBar) {
    this.myphoto = '/assets/img/DP.svg';


Hi @premktr, in this tutorial you can see how to handle images in an ionic 4 app https://ionicthemes.com/tutorials/about/building-a-ionic-firebase-app-step-by-step. You can find the code of the demo app in https://github.com/ionicthemes/ionic-firebase-starter-app.

Hope it helps!

it is not i am asking

you can user service for that.
create a service eg. GlobalService
declare a variable in that service eg: myphoto:any
now you can use this service variable in any page as below

constructor(private global: GlobalService) {
    this.global.myphoto = '/assets/img/DP.svg';

and in html file

<img src="{{global.myphoto}}">

same way in all your page wherever you want to reflect

this.picc = localStorage.getItem(“pic”);
assign a variable to locaStorage API in one page and access it any page using the same API with same parameter assigned to different variable.