I want to get specific data from json array


i want to get specific data from json array. and i’m try like this.

i’m right?

here mydata is my json array.


can u explain your question in details so we may know what you exactly want ?


i want to a specific json value from a json array.am attach the json screen shoot and also mark the value.i want to payment date only .how can i do that?


then you can access those value by => this.mydata["MyRoom"].paymentDate


when i used the code that you gave to me .this time showing an error like this.


show me how you write the code ?
there is square bracket used in object

ionViewDidLoad() {
        this.storage.get('user_id').then((value) => {
        let dataTemp = res.json();
        this.mydata = dataTemp.MyRoom;



 this.mydata = dataTemp;


write this way