I want to count the students in a group. Example. 8 students in group 3

https://gyazo.com/458395bd24fee3bd8e868bd8973b30735 This is the JSON
https://gyazo.com/d951c7ea1d40f8001293963f25f787454 These are the cards generated from the JSON
In the card you can see the student and “groep” is which group he is in. I want to count all the students in a certain group. Example: 8 students groep 3 and I want to show that in a card.
I tried to do it with pipes but it didnt work out for me. Can someone help me more with it please. I need to have it in 2 days for a school project.
Thanks in advance!

Both links are dead I’m afraid

Thanks for telling me. These have to work

Step 1. Group your items by the group.
Step 2: Count the length of the groups

Can you code it for me or show me a good example please?

I am new to coding thatswhy i am asking so much…

There were some threads about counting items in a group before. Wasn’t this even by you?