I want to capture image and identify objects from image like window, walls, doors and roof and fill different color for windows doors, and wall

I am working on mobile application using ionic 3, application used for fill colors at walls, doors, roofs or in complete house and I want to identify objects like window, door from image and fill different color inside it and pic another color for walls

please help or suggest any JavaScript framework used with ionic or any tool and suggest me this like app as a reference.

One of the possibilities you have is Google Vision API, but nobody will make the application for you and for free.

Dear ramon thanks for your kind response but Google Vision API is concept relate to the image processing but I am just trying to edit image fill different color at different points like lasso tool in adobe select the same color portion for us automatically as well as remove the unnecessary objects from image

Ouh. OK.

In this case, I can not help you.