I suggest to add media plugin to ngCordova ASAP :)


As I said, media plugin is very important for user to build the multiple media application especially sometime we can’t automatically play the mp3 via HTML5 in iOS, so I suggest Ionic team can add this plugin ASAP?
Any guys agree?


Just a heads up, the ng-cordova project is open source and a community project. We’re not really writing the plugins, but letting people submit plugins as they want.

Soo if you want a plugin added, try to write on yourself. Look at the other plugins and see what they’re doing and try to adapt it to the media plugin. Plus it’s great chance to lear a bit :smile:


Gotcha…Ok, then I will try to do it later. :slight_smile: thanks.


There was a issue opened for this on Github.

As I asked there, since this is an object, I’m not sure how this would be wrapped. What is the use case and how do you see it being used?