I started an New Ionic Vite, Vue Video Series

There is the link to the playlist… not completed yet and will probably be adding on new video a week

vite vue capacitor - YouTube


Awesome! More Ionic/Vite is definitely needed. I just switched my Ionic Vue app over to Vite at the beginning of March using your original post as a reference. I think the two biggest hurdles were figuring out the changes for ES Lint and the correct npm scripts. I should note too, that I switched to the VSCode plugin Volar from Vetur as well.

I landed on this:

"scripts": {
    "dev": "vite --host --port 8100",
    "build": "vue-tsc --noEmit && vite build",
    "serve": "vite preview --host --port 8100",
    "tscheck": "vue-tsc --noEmit --watch",
    "ionic:serve": "npm run dev", // Override the Ionic command
    "ionic:build": "npm run build", // Override the Ionic command so 'ionic cap build' can still work
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