I need insight of how to develop a bible mobile application with ionic


I am new to Ionic, and I would like to use ionic2 to develop a bible mobile application, can anyone give me an insight of how I can do this?

I have also found out a json bible file, but I do not know which directory to put the file and how to call the json file from inside my ionic mobile application.

Your help will be appreciated.


I am also trying to develop a bible with Ionic, but so far the documentation is very small, there are many assets of the bible but they are with Ionic 1, and it is very hard to export to ionic 2…

Here is a resource that might help you.


I was looking and it is not really with Ionic, I would like to work with ionic framework.

This will help you maybe: https://github.com/thiagobodruk/bible

You can store the JSON data and you don’t have to call an online API.

And you have multilanguage support :slight_smile:

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Excellent document, thank you very much, it’s what I’m looking for

I believe it uses a RESTful service which works perfectly with Ionic. You have to create your own rendering from JSON, but that is perfectly doable.

I am new in development with ionic, and tried to get packages from the bible but they are only with ionic 1, I will have to fix them and make an application from 0.

Can you tell me which ionic 1.x packages you are trying? Maybe I can help. I am writing an app that will eventually need text from the Bible too. :slight_smile:

Sure, this is the sample video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5IkpIXn04o
And this is the package: https://github.com/jesstrux/buddybible

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