I need help about ionic list

I have this code

<ul class="list menu-list">
  	<a class="item item-icon-{{menuDirection}}" ng-repeat="item in categoryParent" ng-click="openCategory(item.id)" ng-class="{'selected':now==item.id}">
  		<i class="icon" ng-class="{'ion-earth':!item.mobiconnector_avatar}">
  			<img ng-if="item.mobiconnector_avatar" class="margin-auto" ng-src="{{item.mobiconnector_avatar}}" />
  		</i> <span ng-bind-html="item.name"></span>

my list shown like this picture

I need my list like this

can you help me by edit on the code ?


I suggest you take a look at Cards and the Grid system :wink:

i looked but I can’t find any results
if any person can help me , I hope put edition code