I can't get BarcodeScanner to work

Hello Everybody, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make BarcodeScanner work. Can’t make it work with the documentation provided by this page nor GitHub.

Are you trying with ionic 2 ?

Yes, this is what I tried to encode:
BarcodeScanner.encode (BarcodeScanner.Encode.TEXT_TYPE, 'hello world', function (success) { alert ('encode success: ' + success); }, function (fail) { alert ('encode fail: ' + fail); }); return tablRef.key; }

And this is what I tried to scan:
BarcodeScanner.scan (function (success) { console.log (success); }, function (fail) { console.log (fail); }); }

I get this error in both of them

supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target.

Really don’t know what to do.

If you’re building an Ionic2 project, why do you still use ‘old’ javascript syntax? I suppose I would try it with fat arrow syntax, since it handles scopes quite differently. Don’t know if it’s related to the fact why it isn’t working for you, but I guess you should give that a try.

update: If I’m looking at the documentation for ionic2 barcode scanner wrapper, I see some entirely different code examples. What kind of Ionic project are you running?

You genius! Thank you very much. The at least the .scan() is working.

I am having problems with the BarcodeScanner.encode() now. I am not sure how to:

  1. Make it a QR_CODE
  2. Display the QR_CODE.

I changed my code a little bit. Now it’s like this:

BarcodeScanner.encode (BarcodeScanner.Encode.TEXT_TYPE,
        .then ((suc) => {
          // don't know what to do here
        }), (err) => {
          // don't know what to do here

Do you know what to do?

Thanks a lot!

I figured the answer.

What I had to do is to declare a property inside my class. For me it’s called urlImage. Then, inside the encode function:

BarcodeScanner.encode (BarcodeScanner.Encode.TEXT_TYPE, 'Hello World')
  .then ((success) => {
    this.urlImage = success.file;
  }), (error) => {
    alert (error);

Then, in my html code:

<img src="{{urlImage}}">

And that’s it.

I guess everyone knows what you mean but lets correct it since there is a typo in your handlebar expression

<img src="{{urlImage}}"/>

You don’t need the slash inside <img> tags in HTML5.

Thanks, I’ll fix it right now.