I can not install the SQlite plugin

I am tried to install the SQlite in my ionic projet, but always the same error.
I do:
ionic mmm blank
cd mmm
cordova plugin add https://github.com/litehelpers/Cordova-sqlite-storage.git
ionic plugin add https://github.com/Brodysoft/Cordova-SQlitePlugin

always the same error:

So you’re trying to install a plugin via a github URL, but you don’t have git installed or set in your path. The error message is telling you what the problem is. Please take a look at your git config


I am starting with this, so all is new for me. I use windows 8, and i realize that git is for linux. So i have to find away to install in windows

You can use git on Windows. It shouldn’t be an issue.

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Git is cross-platform, so no worries there :grin:

You can install git with that link (be prepared, it may start an auto-download) but you’ll have git installed and git-bash installed. The new console (better that the built in windows console) will let you use the git commands and some bash-like commands as well (similar to linux stuff)

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thanks. I think a got, no error. But i tried several example and any works. I download from this: https://github.com/teerasej/Ionic-Example-SQLite
and i follow all step and do not insert anything.
To use sqlite i have install sqlite in my computer or enough cordova plugin add https://github.com/brodysoft/Cordova-SQLitePlugin.git.


So maybe there’s some confusion.
What are the steps you doing.

So, i have done same exemples with ionic, and i want do same example with database. So i want use sqlite.
I dowload same examples and i add the plugin https://github.com/brodysoft/Cordova-SQLitePlugin.git. to my example, but when i run the example do no show me anything. I know that the SQLite do not work in web, but i use the gentlemen for android. But do no works. What do i wrong? What missing ?


So it’s a bit hard to know what could be going on without being there to see what you’re doing

Looks like that example repo you’ve pointed to is part of a blog post

I’ll try to put together an example for you to use.

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Thanks, i do this example to, but i will go doing again with more attencion.
After i will give you feedback.

Hello, i do the example taht you sad, and the result is the same. I click in save or load and nothing happens.


Hello i degub with ionic run android -l -c -s and i have thi errors