I called a css that belong to another html. how is that?

I work on the Ionic 3 with angular 4. Each html file has its css file. Sometimes, I called in the html a css that is linked to another html. I understand that this CSS class is injected into the main.js

Example of arboressance: page1.hmtl page1.css page1.ts

page2.html page2.css page2.ts

I called a css from page1.css to page2.html.

My question is this behaviour is linked to the order of the ts declared on the app.module.ts ?

Any css that is outside of the page tag is global CSS, for example.


color: blue;

This means that globally all h1s will be blue. And any h2s that are inside of page1 will be red. Make sense? :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer. that’s make sens now.

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