I am not able to run external library

I am having a little difficulty. I believe it’s because of my lack of knowledge. The fact is, i have a external library, to run with a external hardware. This library is of that hardware and run some events. I ain’t able to understand how to run this events in my program. follow the code that i am trying to use.

   //An example of an implemented proxcard callback is as follows:
  grabba.proxcard.registerCallback(proxcardCallbacks, onError);
  var proxcardTimeoutFunction = function() {
      alert('Proxcard timed out');
  var proxcardCallbacks = {
  //Functions may also be declared inline as seen here.
  triggeredEvent: function() {
      alert('Proxcard triggered');
  //These functions are optional and unimplemented functions will simply not be called.
  //stoppedEvent : function () {
  //alert('Proxcard scanning stopped');
  scannedEvent: function(proxcard) {
  //proxcard contains data fields
  //Convert the data to a base 16 hex string
  var hexString = ons.grabba.util.integerArrayToHexString(proxcard.data);
      alert('Proxcard scanned event\n Data: ' + hexString + '\n' + "Type: " + proxcard.type);
  //You may create a function separately as seen with proxcardTimeoutFunction here.
  timeoutEvent: proxcardTimeoutFunction

I need to scan with the RFID of that hardware. For more information’s, follow the documentation of the library:


Thank you for your help.

it will be similar to this