Huge app size with Capacitor compared to Cordova

I recently completed the migration from cordova to capacitor (which was really nice and easy!).
Being VERY pleased with the fact, that I can now simply use Android studio and upgrade to the very latest gradle for builds is also a much appreciated upgrade.
Now comes the shock, when I generated a signed bundle.
The app usually has a size of just 1.7MB, but now it grew to 5MB!!
I did set minifyEnabled to true, so I expected about the same filesize as before.
I even tried downgrading the gradle version, just to ensure that wasn’t the problem.
I hope someone can enlighten me on the issue.

You probably didn’t build your app with --prod, because the current docs don’t tell you to do so.

Try adding that flag: npx ng build --prod

Ah there we go!
Now the size is 2.72MB. Much better than before, but still a bit bigger than with Cordova.
Thanks for the input!