is 404

I was trying to add native plugin Web Intent:

 ionic plugin add

but I found is 404,how to fix it?

Uh, that’s not good.

Here are some other repositories hosting cordova-webintent that may or may not be the same:

The last one acknowledges the disappearance of Initsogar and wants to be a substitute, so I assume it should be a good replacement for your usage.

Hey, I was using this plugin as well for a project. I am mirroring the files from Initsogar’s plugin, so if you need them for something ASAP, you can get them (they are identical to his repo).

    function(url) {
        // url is the value of EXTRA_STREAM
    }, function() {
        // There was no extra supplied.

I am using the above code in Ionic 4,In gallery,I am trying to share any image to my ionic app it is receiving null in success function.can any one please respond,is it correct or not