HTTPS API calls fail using iOS 13 SDK (HTTP load failed)

Hi, I have been working on a new build of our iOS app which uses the iOS 13 SDK (Xcode 11). I’ve ran into a critical issue in that my API calls to https endpoints no longer seem to work - this is the error response I receive -

{"status":-1,"error":"The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 303.)"}

This is the error in Xcode log -

Task <FC61C756-9EA6-451C-B0A6-BD99BDD65CEB>.<1> HTTP load failed, 11705/0 bytes (error code: 303 [4:-2205])

Task <FC61C756-9EA6-451C-B0A6-BD99BDD65CEB>.<1> finished with error [303] Error Domain=kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Code=303 "(null)" UserInfo={_NSURLErrorFailingURLSessionTaskErrorKey=LocalDataTask <FC61C756-9EA6-451C-B0A6-BD99BDD65CEB>.<1>, _kCFStreamErrorDomainKey=4, NSErrorPeerAddressKey=<CFData 0x600000544af0 [0x7fff80617cb0]>{length = 16, capacity = 16, bytes = 0x100201bb3430d4990000000000000000}, _kCFStreamErrorCodeKey=-2205, _NSURLErrorRelatedURLSessionTaskErrorKey=(LocalDataTask <FC61C756-9EA6-451C-B0A6-BD99BDD65CEB>.<1>"

I’m using the Ionic Native HTTP plugin for API calls on device and WKWebView.

API calls to my local backend under http all seem to work okay so I imagine it’s SSL/TLS related but I can’t figure it out. My staging backend is an AWS EC2 running under an SSL cert issued by Amazon.

Anyone got any ideas? Truly stumped on this…

While you wait for better answers, it might be worth investigating to see if the problem persists when using Angular’s HttpClient instead of the plugin one.

Thanks, everything seems fine using the HttpClient in the browser, however I’m stuck using the native HTTP plugin on a device. Using the HttpClient on the device results in numerous CORS related issues instead.

I’m doing some more testing with some other public APIs to determine if it’s an issue with every https request or just with our AWS backend.