HttpClient return Html instead of Json

Hi guys I’m having this issue. I’m expecting a Json but instead I recivied an Html. On Postman work fine.

So I get this error.

I was expecting text but instead I received a bunch of images.

    let url = this.isProd ? this.urlBaseProd : this.urlBase;
    url += "pos/getposall";   
    return this.httpClient.get(url);


Instead of abusing any, define a business object interface:

interface Pos {
  stuff: string;
  moreStuff: string;
  noIdeaWhatGoesInHere: number;

Then, all you have to do is:


HttpClient will automatically give you an Observable<Pos>.

You have a problem in your backend. The backend responds with code 200, but should throw a 500 error.

yes, It was a problem on my backend and frontend both was working on same port, so I changed my backend port and now works fine.