Http requests not firing with cordova-plugin-whitelist

I’ve followed the answer to a similar question here:

All http requests using Http appear to halt. I receive zero logs (not even an access rejected log) and zero network activity for the URL being requested.

Steps taken:

  • Installed cordova-plugin-whitelist
  • Ensured is in my config.xml
  • Added the following line to my index.html file:
    • I attempted the Content-Security-Policy meta tag suggested by most documentation, but that seemed to cause more errors against CSP.

I’m using USB debugging on a Pixel 2. Using the Chrome remote debugging tool I am unable to see any logs or network activity that shows the requests are being made. When I run this same app and code locally as a web app the requests are made just fine. According to logs I’m getting just to the point before I call Http, there’s no logic that would avoid making the call.

Does anybody have any ideas how I can diagnose and resolve this further?