HTTP Plugin and upgrading from UIWebView to WKWebView

I am writing an application which I have started migrating to WKWebView from the legacy UIWebView as it’s becoming deprecated. However, it is a known bug that WKWebView does not store session cookies on first installs and due to CORS issues, and in order to ditch this issue I am resorting to using the native HTTP plugin to perform the requests.

When using the HTTP plugin with UIWebView, the cookies were being treated independently from the application itself (I think) since file:// does not persist cookies. However, after upgrading to WKWebView, the native HTTP plugin is not receiving or setting any cookies whatsoever.

Since the native plugin is residing outside of the Webview of the application, and I am not performing standard XHR requests through Javascript but am going at a deeper level thanks to the plugin, shouldn’t the cookies be still working? Or is there still a link between the Webview and the native HTTP calls?

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