$http get works only one time.. why?


Hello, sorry i am really newbie, but i created a very well mobile app. Now finalizing but there are some bugs that I couldn’t solve…

I am making an $http get request to an PHP api and it works very well. Everything is okay. But if I go back to homepage again and if I try to send $http get request again, nothing happend… What causes such kind of thing?


check your network tab whether the get call is been made and see the response


Check if history is enabled. So when the state is get change and previously visited state is revisited the controller function is not re executed. Disable history saving and try


sorry my mistake i have not read the post properly … use cache: false in your router if you want your view controller to be not cached and execute again.

$stateProvider.state(‘myState’, { cache: false, url : ‘/myUrl’, templateUrl …}.


thank you very much for your help!