Http.get not working after upgrading to 2.2.0

hi there, I have a service that return error


   export class Data {
      jobsApiUrl = '';
   constructor(public http: Http) {}

   load(): Observable<any> {
     return this.http.get(this.jobsApiUrl)
	  .map(res => res.json());

this works fine and return data on 2.2.1 but when upgrading to 2.4.8
I receive the error message from backend server: "Content of type application/json, text/plain, */* is not supported." http-code: 415

Im not sure why this happens, if downgrade from the latest version , it works fine, has something changed in the way we use get http ?

nvm… apparently something with request header

so I just appened to the header 'Accept','*/*'… now its working