HTML5 Remote Audio File DOM Exception on IOS

Hey there,
First of all, thank you & all of the contributors for making such a great framework.
I’ve been working on a music website for a couple of months now and our team decided to make an application, therefore, we brought out ionic and developed it, It works very well on Android but there is a problem with our player when we are trying to run it on IOS.
Our application doesn’t use Cordova’s native Media plugin (we’ve tried that but it didn’t work at all even on IOS) so, We’ve rewritten the player part using HTML5’s Audio tag everything is fine except IOS would throw an exception whenever it tries to play anything.
Our API returns an URL of the remote audio file and the audio tag starts to play it.
I’ve googled a lot but the result was nothing I also tried the ionic-audio ( it wasn’t helpful.
If it’s required I would provide the source code of the media player.