How to view Sqlite3 in browser using ionic3 cordova

Unable to view sqlite3 db in browser using ionic3 and angular4. Any Suggestions…???

Some features(like camera and sqlite) are not avaliable in browser. I suggest you to test your app in device/emulator.

Anyways i am looking out for alternate source of viewing this in the browser. Still a try is very much appreciated.

Hi @mgt, Could you find out the solution?

I am also facing it now. I use sqlite3 module in my ionic project.
When I try the command, “ionic serve”, I get one error related to that module.
Maybe it’s since sqlite3 is a native module, I guess. Anyways, something happens wrong.
Please take a look at the screenshot.
I need to develop with the command so that I can save my time for the development. I wouldn’t like to waste my time running on device/simulator every time.
I would like to get your idea and experience.
My project is based on Ionic5+Angular.
Thank you.

Correct. And it’s actually quite rare that SQLite actually is the best choice for storing data in Ionic apps. Typically one can make do with something like Ionic Storage that works in browser environments as well, and is much easier and less error-prone to code against.

Can you take a hard look at whether you really need a relational database here, as opposed to a NoSQLesque key/value storage system?