How to use wifiWizarad cordova plugin in ionic2

hi i want to use wifi network and send/receive some data from/to an ionic2 app .so , I found this [wifi plugin] ( wifiWizard cordova plugin ,but unable to use it .

<button (click)= "getScanResult()">Get Scan result</button>
and in js …


but i got the error like " Cannot read property ‘startScan’ of undefined" could anyone please solve this

If you can’t resolve these problems this could be an alternative:

yeah,i tried this .i was able to connect to one of the wifi network .But, i wana send some data to that so i thought of using “pingHost()” .Its syntax is somthing like > pingHost(ip, successCB, errorCB)

The definition of “pingHost” is to “ping” a “host” (ip), so that is what the method offers.

What do you want to do? “send some data”? Where? How? What does it have to do with the Wifi networks?